We are so excited to announce that beginning on  September 20th  “Wednesday Nights” for Servant Kids will have a brand new look! But as always it will be a time of meaningful worship, fun activities, and opportunities to build relationships with other kids and adult leaders.

Here are some significant changes parents need to be aware of:

  • NEW TIME: 6:30 – 7:30 pm. Extended care will be available for children whose parents or siblings are participating in an activity in the building beyond 7:30 pm.  When children are registered parents can indicate if extended care will be required for their children.
  • 1st thru 5th will check-in upstairs at the Centrum and will be part of a 20-minute high energy program which will include music, dancers, interactive games and a teaching time. This time will be led by Susan Cosby, Brooke and Paul Gebb, John Gilstrap,  Tommy Glenn and Ryan McGee.   After the opening the kids will go downstairs for activities, a mission moment and small group time where the bible point of the week will be discussed. Parents will pick their children up downstairs.  1st through 3rd grade will be facilitated by Cathy Hersom and 4th & 5th will be facilitated by Cindy Brackenbury.
  • Preschoolers will check-in downstairs and meet there for the entire evening.   Their evening will be full of fun and faith adventures.  The opening each week will include music and a teaching time with Don Cole.  It will be followed with activities that will emphasize the bible point for the evening.   Preschoolers will be facilitated by Dayna Slater.
  • Register your children for Wednesday Nights at the link here.
  • Wednesday Nights are also incorporating evenings of Family Worship into the schedule.
    • Even if families are not participating in “Wednesday Nights”, they are still welcome to participate in Family Worship Nights.

Our “Wednesday Nights” program will focus on the NextGen Ministries’ 4 Core Truths.  We believe that when a person understands and lives out these 4 Core Truths, they are living as a fully committed follower of Christ.  The 4 Core Truths are:

  1. Know and Love God
  2. Trust and Accept Jesus
  3. Grow in Faith
  4. Serve God and Others

Each segment will begin with a Family Worship Night which will emphasize one of the Core Truths.  In the subsequent weeks during “Wednesday Nights”, the focus will be on that same Core Truth.  The initial Family Worship Night is Wednesday September 13th – followed by the opening of Servant Kids Wednesday Nights on September 20th.