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DRIVE 2018

Discovering 5 Key Strategies That Engage the New Year with a Biblical Focus

Tired of resolutions that fall short? Stressed? Confused? Longing to connect with family, friends and God? Ready to change, but need something more than a list on the back of a napkin? We all are.

How about a new focus, a Godly focus for 2018? But first ask, what is DRIVING you? Often our resolutions are all about us and not about what God wants for us. What if you had 5 key biblical strategies to help you look at 2018 in a whole new light?

On January 7, Church of the Servant will begin a new worship series called

DRIVE 2018:

D – Devotion to God

R – Readiness to Learn Something New

I – Investing in Key Relationships

V – Visioning for the Future

E – Eating and Exercise

Join us as we discover how we can DRIVE 2018 with a biblical focus instead of the New Year driving us!