2017-18 Year in Review

The cover of the June issue of the Church of the Servant Newsletter reminds me of the honeycombs I have seen through-out my life. Bees fascinate me – such tiny creatures producing a wonderful product that sweetens our lives and pollinates plants at the same time. Every bee of a colony works tirelessly to create a home and a food source for the survival of the hive. When the bees are working together and go undisturbed, they are able to store up the nectar and honey to provide for those who are part of their family and those who will come one day. Yet, they never truly want to share what they produce. The honey the colony produces is essential for their current well-being and their future success. Did you know one bee colony can produce up to 100 lbs. of honey? And there have been reports of some colonies producing 350 to 500 lbs! Even scientists proclaim that our world would not be the same without the work of bees.

Think about this for a moment: a honeybee can seem insignificant, but when seen in the context of the greater whole, it is a mighty and important part of a greater body that makes the world truly beautiful. Now think about this: each and every one of us at Church of the Servant is similar to the bees of a colony. We may feel insignificant, but in God’s eyes we are not! Not at all! In fact,God created us to share the beauty of Christ and the sweetness of Christ’s love in this world. We are also different than the honeybee, because we are called to share what we have to make the world much sweeter and even more beautiful!

In my first year as Lead Minister at Church of the Servant, 90,503 people worshipped in the weekly worship services, compared to 68,159 the same time the year before. Some of you worshipped every week in person; some joined together online and some are still visiting and considering membership. God is doing a great and powerful thing in this special place! While we do not produce honey or pollinate plants, I do know we have fed those who were hungry and made life much more beautiful because of the great calling God has set before us. We have joined together in Community Groups, Sunday School Classes, Bible Studies, and many other special events to study God’s Word. We have laughed and cried together and, of course, we have professed our faith in worship week after week. The past twelve months have been truly amazing! Throughout the pages of the June issue of the Newsletter, you will see some highlights from this past year.

Finally, please mark your calendars for the 50th anniversary of our great church on September 9. We will cele- brate this milestone at every service that day. Look for more information to come in the weeks and months ahead. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us in the journey ahead!

Thankful God is using us to produce something sweeter and more beautiful for this generation and the genera- tions to come!