Women’s Retreat 2018 – Give Yourself A Break

Give Yourself A Break: Helping Your Inner Critic Become Your Compassionate Friend

Self-compassion is having the same concern for our own pain and welfare as we would have for someone else’s. Out of self-compassion flow self-care and protection from harm. It is the idea that we can be kind to ourselves when we fail and treat ourselves with the caring sup- port we would give another who is struggling. Self-compassion is a balance of truth with grace. Self-compassion is absolutely essential for healthy, balanced living. It provides huge benefits including emotional resiliency, stress reduction, contentment, and healthier relationships. Without it we are vulnerable to the opinions of others and find it difficult to deal with and let go of our mistakes.

Self-compassion increases resilience and self-worth, aids in stress reduction, and helps us recover from painful experiences. Come as we talk about self compassion within the context of scripture and Christian faith.

Don’t make an excuse – take care of yourself…

Under the direction of Dr. Robyn Goggs, Associate Pastor and Director of Women’s Ministries, several women of our church will lead a retreat that will bring renewal in your own walk with God. There will be large and small group experiences, and plenty of space to exercise, play, rest, be with others, or to simply be alone as you seek space with God.

When: Friday-Sunday, September 14-16. The retreat begins with dinner at 6pm Friday evening, but participants can arrive as early as 4:30 to check into their rooms. Our time will end on Sunday by noon.

Who: Women of all ages and walks of life. Participants do not have to be members of Church of the Servant. The retreat center space is limited to 90 participants and reservations will be taken as they are received.

Accommodations: The breathtaking scenery of early autumn in the Arbuckle Mountains will be our gathering space for the fall women’s retreat. Surrounded by undisturbed beauty, the Chickasaw Retreat Center is tucked in between the Lake of the Arbuckles and the Arbuckle Mountains. It is an easy 1 and 1/2 hour drive from Oklahoma City, just outside Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Cost: $199 Based on double occupancy, some rooms have king size beds. This reg- istration includes two nights in a room, all meals during the retreat, and all retreat materials. Lunch will not be served on Sunday.

For questions, contact Susie Cobden at scobden@churchoftheservant.com.

Register online today! www.churchoftheservant.com/events

Continue Saving That Date!

We will gather on September 9 to celebrate a milestone in the life of Church of the Servant. The 50th
anniversary of our great church is just around the corner and I am so excited for this special day! A lot will be happening on campus and I know I mentioned the big day last month, but here are a few more details…

• Three morning worship services will be offered on September 9 – 8:15 Chapel, 9:30 Celebration Service & 11:00 Modern Worship. If you normally attend the 9:30 Modern service, please plan to join us in the 9:30 Celebration Center service.

• Rev. Dr. Norman Neaves, our founding Pastor, will have a special part as we open the 9:30 Celebration Service. Bishop Jimmy Nunn will bring official greetings and congratulations from the Annual Conference.

• A birthday party for the church will be held throughout the morning. Special events for children and youth, plus cake. Yes, cake for everyone!

The theme of the 50-year celebration will be Celebrating our Past/Preparing for our Future. The day will certainly be a day of great story, celebration and friendship. Not only will we celebrate, we will also begin to prepare for our future together. I have learned so much since arriving in Oklahoma City in June of 2017, and I am ready to begin to share a vision for our future together – a future that complements
our past while striving to serve our community in an ever-changing, 21st century world.

To enable me to begin to share what I have discovered and to articulate our future vision, I will be hosting Vision Cast meetings for five weeks on every Sunday afternoon beginning September 16. As we celebrate fifty years of life together, we will also begin to look at the road ahead. I cannot wait to share with you where I believe God is calling Church of the Servant to continue to serve OKC.

Earthglow – A Gift Boutique That Keeps On Giving

August 14, 2018. This month’s newsletter is celebrating the “Back to School” theme. The church is a beehive of activity as we prepare for our 50th anniversary, fall programming begins with exciting new Bible studies, the annual golf tournament is scheduled, another year of Warm World kicks off here at the church, the women prepare for another Women’s Retreat – the list goes on and on. It is the time of year that brings most of us into the building several times a week.

Earthglow is a beehive of activity as well. Shelves are being stocked with new exciting gift items and replenished with many of the old favorites. When you come to the church, be sure to give yourself ample time to stop by your Earthglow gift boutique. You’re certain to find the perfect gift for every giving occasion and beautiful compliments to your own home – and the proceeds from every dollar you spend will be shared with numerous mission organizations right here in our community.

Among the many unique items available at Earthglow, there are several lines of delicious food products as well as beautiful greeting cards for every occasion. In fact, many of the cute gift enclosure cards available are only one dollar each. Come in and shop often. And, on more thing – mark your calendar for an extra special day of shopping on Saturday, November 3, when the fantastic Earthglow Market fills the halls of our church. We already have more than 70 vendors planning to share their Christmas and boutique items with you on that date. Shop in Earthglow! All profits from sales go to local missions!