74% Full

Greetings my friends,

I hope you are well today. As many of you know, I get excited. I love life and every day is a gift from God. I get excited about little things and big things and even some things that people just laugh at. One of the areas of our life together that I am most excited about is worship. Every week Church of the Servant offers five different worship experiences. I can hear most of you now, “I know about four services but what, and where, is the fifth?” Our fifth service is the online, live 9:30 service. Not a week goes by without someone contacting me via email or social media to let me know how thankful they are for this option on Sunday mornings. No matter whether you are traveling or under the weather, the live option is something that is growing, too!

The average worship attendance continues to grow! For 2018, Church of the Servant (COS) has averaged 1,710 people in worship each week (at church and online), compared to January 2017’s average of 1,204 people worshipping each week. The online service is also growing! Last year, January’s average online worship attendance was 55.25 people. This year, the average is 112.75 households each week, and there are often times when more than one individual is participating. These households that tune in are from all over the world! Don’t forget, a few weeks ago eighteen adults joined COS and one professed his faith and was baptized! This gets me so excited! Thankfully, every service is experiencing growth. In fact, on the second Sunday of January, lack of room for everyone at the 11:00 service caused a family of seven to walk out before we could catch them and make room for them.

With so much growth in the services, I want you to know how much planning is taking place to make all five worship experiences the best they can be, and that there is room for everyone. Recently, I mentioned how much I had hoped the 9:30 Celebration Service would be live-streamed into the 9:30 Modern Service within the next few weeks. I have to admit my excitement got the best of me and accomplishing this with excellence will take more time. So many staff and great volunteers are working hard to make this a reality, and we have decided to launch this reality on the Sunday after Easter – the 8th of April. Until then, I will be splitting time between the two services at 9:30. While this is not the most perfect option, I am excited about the challenge!

I hope you are excited about the growth and reengagement of so many at COS. As we move into a time of visioning and hearing God’s call for our great church, I want to share an important statistic with you. Each week our current seating capacity is close to 2,168 people in the four services offered each Sunday. With an average actual attendance of 1,587 people each week at the church, COS is 74% full. To God be the Glory! Great and exciting things are happening in this great place and throughout our church family! So many great staff and volunteers make this a reality each week.

So what should we do? Pray, plan, and of course, invite friends. Get here early, have breakfast in the Courtyard, and grab a seat… and remember to scoot in to make room to welcome new friends!  See you Sunday!

Very excited,