798 Knit Caps & Counting

Some time in 2016, I got a call from Servant and was told that someone’s mother knit baby hats for us to take to Kenya in 2017. Carolyn Hays picked up the hats and instead of a couple dozen, she picked up hundreds! In all, we took 798 hats in July, 2017. Seven hundred and ninety eight!

In January 2018, I received another call from Servant that Mrs. Witt, Carol Gifford’s Mother, had again been knitting and there was another sack of hats waiting at church. Mrs. Witt turned 100 in May and passed away in September. Last week, Carol brought the last black plastic garbage bag full of hats to church. Even in her last few weeks on earth, Mrs. Witt was thinking of others. I can visualize her hands which were probably aching with age, working at full speed with her knitting needles.

There are so many wonderful emotions that this story stirs in me! Sadness that we’ve lost our speed knitter, amazement at over 1,000 hats, incredulity that she was still knitting at 100, and the kindness of her daughter to think about putting her mom’s skills to work for people so far away. And most importantly, NEVER feel that age can keep us from sharing the talents God has given us.

– Ann Knutson