I hope your Easter was a wonderful day filled with excitement! There is so much excitement happening around Church of the Servant these days; it is hard for me to keep my mind on everything! I hope you will take a moment to celebrate every page of this newsletter. These pages share the great work of our church family. Missions, fellowship, discipleship, children, and youth will be found on these pages. Just as the women went to the tomb on that first Easter out of duty, they quickly discovered something much greater was happening!

I challenge you to discover something new on these pages today! These articles are more than simple bits of information. They are a celebration of what God is doing in our shared lives! Here are just a few highlights of what is happening inside and outside the walls of our great church:

• Rev. Michael Carpenter, Rachel, and Oliver will be moving to a new church home this summer. While they will not have to move their home, they will become the new Associate Pastoral Family at Nichols Hills UMC. You can
learn more in just a moment. Michael has an article on page 11.

• Rebuilding Together has had tremendous excitement surrounding the upcoming work day on April 14. You can still register! Close to $20,000 was raised by the Special Fish Appeal on March 25. Find out more about Rebuilding Together Day on page 8.

• Easter Sunday was a major success, and I cannot thank everyone enough! Over 3,600 worshipped with us and
hundreds of volunteers helped all of us celebrate the most important day the world has ever known!

Another important point to ponder is the reality we now face in a world inundated with technology. Recently, my name has been inappropriately used to to contact people via email soliciting for help and assistance. These criminals will often use fraudulent email accounts. These accounts are slick and seem to be very real. Requests have been made for iTunes gift cards and the security codes associated with the cards. Please know you will never receive an email from me (or any staff member) asking for help or assistance in a vague or unclear manner. If you ever receive such an email from any team members, please contact the church office immediately.

Enjoy the pages ahead!