Behind the Scene: Whiz Kids Drivers

Each and every Monday that OKC Public Schools are in session a group of dedicated but largely unseen people pick up the Whiz Kids at the end of their school day. They drive the vans in pairs – a driver and a rider. The rider makes sure that all the children are on board with their seat belts buckled for the ride from Edgemere to Wesley UMC. Bill White has the master list of children and the school advises him if someone is absent. The children know that their van is either the red, blue or yellow van. It’s a well-oiled team in a well-organized project! Pictured above is Bill White as he waits for his drivers to arrive.

The teams on this particular Monday are Hank Kittrell, Bill White, Joe Rolston, Ken Bradford, Donna and Doug Johnson and Jim Talkington. Mission is mostly not big and flashy, but ordinary people doing small things in loving and unselfish ways. These drivers are one of the ripples from the rock that is Whiz Kids.