Christmas Grace: 1 Day After

          Searching for a Misplaced Bag

Have you ever wondered what happens the day AFTER all the gifts are brought to church? How they get to the correct people and families? With over 20 years (TWENTY YEARS!) of experience Susy Wilson has every contingency planned for! She’s got labels and stickers and letter codes to ensure that every gift is double, triple checked and makes it way to the correct organization and correct recipient.

Sunday after the gifts are turned in, the large groups, P is for Putnam City Schools, S is for Skyline, are lined up in numerical order in the chapel and brides’ room. Smaller groups go around the perimeter of the room. Sunday evening, Suzy calls the few people who didn’t turn in a gift. Yes, she knows exactly who took what family! It’s always a simple problem which is quickly resolved. Monday morning, she and a group of volunteers check everything again. The bikes are marked as a “B” on the list and bags are marked with a hash mark. It all MUST match perfectly before the agency comes to pick their gifts up. (In the photo at left, Suzy, Janice and Amber look for a bag that was shown as checked in but somehow disappeared. The answer: two smaller bags were combined into one). Some agencies come on Monday morning and some on Tuesday. The gifts for each agency are lined up in numerical order (S1, S2, etc.) so they can be matched up once again before they go out the door. Suzy knows the names of all the directors as well as the delivery personnel. She knows who will be on time and who will run a little late.

It’s an amazing system which Susy has worked out over the years. It’s one that can be efficiently passed down to the next person when the time comes. Just follow Suzy’s method and over 100 families will receive the gifts which they requested. In addition, our congregation once again knows the true meaning of Christmas!