Randy_HeadshotIn this fourth and final installment of our discussion on the four strategic imperatives driving our ministries here at Church of the Servant, I want to talk about discipleship. Within our congregation we find brothers and sisters in Christ at all levels of maturity and understanding as to what a life devoted to following Christ requires of us. This truth is an exciting one as it means that people are coming to faith in Jesus Christ within our community. To this point in 2016, over one hundred men, women, and children have joined the church – some through transfer from other congregations and communities, but many through a first time profession of faith, or for our students, through an extensive confirmation class designed to help them step into a deeper relationship with Christ as their understanding and faith mature. Think back to that time in your life when you first came to know Jesus on a personal basis. For myself, I remember having a voracious appetite for knowledge and understanding. I couldn’t find enough material to read, or tapes to listen (yes, this was many years back!), or questions to ask of my pastor and Christian friends. It was never a question of me thinking that I needed to know “more” to be in relationship with Christ: it was simply that I recognized his love for me and the sacrifice he had made. And as a result, I wanted to know all that I could about this God and his hopes and dreams for me.

Our Discipleship programming at Church of the Servant is going to be overseen by Dr. Robyn Goggs. In her years with us to this point, Robyn has had primary responsibility for Women’s Ministry and Missions. This expansion of responsibility to now oversee all of our adult discipleship is well deserved and is an important step forward as she brings to bear not only years of graduate and doctoral level theological training, but a profound set of pastoral sensibilities as well. Her relationships within the congregation provide the contact necessary to read the “heartbeat” of the church and guide her decisions as to what classes, studies, and educational opportunities will be made available. I look forward to sharing in these discipleship opportunities in the years to come as that hunger remains to bury God’s Word deep within my heart so that his work within me might continue.

Where are you in your maturation as a disciple of Jesus Christ? As you take stock of your life, do you see an ever deeper, ever more personal and intimate relationship with God developing within you? Is there evidence of growth in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, understanding, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control? If not, what steps are you willing to take in order to place yourself in a position where God might work within you? One of the rarely stated truths of the faith is that there is no end point to our growth, no pending ceremony where God will hand us a diploma and announce that we have mastered it all.  In truth, we will all spend eternity exploring the riches and fullness of this God who loves us so. Each day will provide a new insight, a new understanding, a new blessing, and a new “a-ha” moment as God invites us to share in his Kingdom. My hope for us all is that we will not wait for tomorrow to begin, but will start that journey together today.  Be in prayer for Robyn, and for Church of the Servant as a whole as our Discipleship pathway becomes clear. And, find a place where you can plug into these wonderful opportunities.

– Randy