Earthglow is Bursting with Beautiful New Items

October 10, 2018. With the holiday season just around the corner, Earthglow is filled with seasonal items to make Halloween and Thanksgiving a decorating delight. There are lovely new serving pieces made from Melamine and Melaboo (an interesting combination of Melamine and bamboo) to make your entertaining festive. There are assorted placemats, decorator towels, candles, and much more to add to the ambience of your holiday scenes. And the shop is scheduled to come alive with Christmas items before you know it.

Many of you purchased the Church of the Servant commemorative tee shirts on the morning of our 50th anniversary celebration, but for those of you that missed out, they are available for only $10 each in Earthglow. We are sure to have opportunities to dress in “church attire” in the future, and you’ll want to have one of these terrific tees in your wardrobe. You will note in the photo, that the tee looks really nice with one of the stylish and warm wraps that are a new item in the shop. Come by today and decorate you and your home while also helping Earthglow’s mission outreach – all profits are given to local missions!

2018 Earthglow Market

Earthglow Gift Shop sponsors a market each fall, which includes gifts, holiday and home décor, both handmade and commercial. This year, the Earthglow Market will be held on Saturday, November 3, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and will include the wares of over 100 vendors. Proceeds from booth and table rental, food/bake sales, as well as the profits from the Gift Shop, go to local missions. Over our 42-year history, Earthglow has donated over $817,000 to various missions in our community. Your participation in our Earthglow Market has made a valued contribution to this effort! Thank you for your continued patronage!

Mark this date on your calendar as an opportunity to kick-start your Christmas shopping, enjoy some down-home beans and cornbread and Texas sheet cake for lunch, and take home some great treasures, including delicious baked goodies for the family to enjoy.