Introducing Dr. Matthew Mitchell

What a great weekend at Church of the Servant as we make our way through the last weeks of the Lenten season and prepare for the celebration of Easter Sunday. To make this all the more special, we are now able to introduce our new Senior Minster designate – Dr. Matthew Mitchell, along with his wife, Amber, and their four children. The reception of this good news has been universally positive. As I write this note, the VIDEO we produced as an introduction for Matthew has been viewed over 8,600 times! There is no doubt as to the wide-open possibilities for ministry and lives changed for the sake of God’s Kingdom through Jesus Christ that wait on the horizon for this faithful congregation. It is an exciting time to be a part of Church of the Servant! I ask that as you read Matthew’s introductory remarks below, you will be in prayer for their entire family, as he prepares to lead us forward into the fullness of God’s blessing for Servant.

Rev. Randy Shrauner
Executive Minister

Finally, the announcement has been made! I must admit, it seemed as if April 2 would never arrive. In our house, we commonly referred to April 2 as Announcement Day. Now that Announcement Day has come and gone, I want to begin to share my excitement and a little bit of my story. Most importantly, please know we are honored and humbled to have such an incredible opportunity to come to Church of the Servant. If you were in church on Sunday, April 2 and/or you are a friend of the church on Facebook, you were able to catch a quick glimpse of my family and me in a video made to assist in the transition process.

In the weeks leading up to our arrival at Church of the Servant, I will begin to share stories about different people and events that have impacted my life and walk with the Lord. I hope you will enjoy reading these stories and discovering who I am and who God has called me to become. I look forward to hearing and learning your stories, as well, once we are in OKC.

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home. As a child, my sister, Meredith, and I played all types of sports, worked hard and grew up in the United Methodist Church. My mom and dad, Susan and Lenny, have always been involved in church. In fact, they helped launch a UMC in Denver, Colorado where I was born. Unfortunately, I do not remember much about Colorado. My family moved back to Georgia in 1980 and I have not been back since. Needless to say, a road trip to Colorado may be in our future once we are settled in OKC.

While in high school, I was like most of my friends – we worked, went to school, played sports, and attended church. For me, golf was my first passion. I loved and still love the game. I played every day I could and even worked at the golf course. If it was not raining sideways or too cold, I was at the course. Luckily for me, my love of golf helped provide a wonderful opportunity for me to play college golf at LaGrange College. LaGrange College is a small United Methodist college in Georgia only a stone’s through from Auburn, Alabama. While at LaGrange, I was involved in almost everything from student government to a little bit of fun at the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house where I was a brother, but golf in the history of our nationally-ranked golf team!

I must admit, while in college, my focus was not always on listening to the Lord and His claim upon my life. Thankfully, professors and key leaders at LaGrange College gave me the space and time I needed to mature and hear the voice of God in my life. It was during my time at LaGrange College and Sunday mornings at LaGrange First UMC that God began to grab hold of me in a whole new way. Furthermore, I began to see how much of an impact my family and the church had played in my walk with the Lord. My time at LaGrange College was life-changing; those four years served as a springboard for understanding God’s call and beginning a deeper walk with the Lord. LaGrange College became a place of great impact for me. I cannot wait to hear how Church of the Servant has been and is a place of impact in each of your lives.

The story of Church of the Servant is well known, and I look forward to serving alongside each of you as we help develop new stories of eternal impact throughout our world in the name of Jesus Christ! Until then, back to boxes, searching for a home in OKC, and our next great adventure with each of you! June 4 will be here sooner than we can imagine!

Impacting the world together with the love and truth of the Servant,

Dr. Matthew Mitchell
Senior Minister Designate