It Takes a Village

February 7, 2018. Earthglow Gift Shop is a remarkable, mission-oriented retail outlet located on the Main Concourse of Church of the Servant.

Remarkable because it is totally operated by volunteers:
• A group of retail-minded ladies – Janice, Beth, Margy, Sharon and Amber – travel (at their own expense, by the way) to market in Dallas twice a year to select the beautiful boutique items that are on display in the shop. There are brand new treasures available for Valentine’s Day and spring as a result of one such recent trip.
• A Board of Directors – Lisa, Amber, Beth, Donna, Elaine, Jan, Janice, Jimi, Jo, Judy, Kipp, Margy, Sharon, and Vicki – meets monthly to oversee the opera- tions of the shop and the distribution of profits, as well as to plan and admin- ister the annual Earthglow Market, which brings in vendors from throughout the state.
• Financial matters are efficiently overseen by Jo, Donna and Steve.
• Coordination and weekly (sometimes daily) communications with our volunteers are capably handled by Jan.
• And that list of talented faithful volunteer shopkeepers is simply amazing – Donna, Sherry, Susan, Pat, Jane, Judy, Lillian, Sheryl, Sharon, Lisa, Janice, Elaine, Susan, Vicki, Jan, Jimi, Jo, Karen, Sharon, Jean, Ruth Ann, Geor- gia, Kelli, Sharon, Denise, Flora, Donnell, Margy, Sue, Susan, Marcia, Kipp, JoAnn, Mary Jo, Beth, Nancy, Rubena, Julie, Susan, Amber.

Mission-oriented because ALL profits are accumulated throughout the year and are then distributed to local missions such as Skyline Urban Ministries, Neighborhood Services Organization, Exodus House, Circle of Care, and Redemption Church.
• Over Earthglow’s 41 years of existence, $779,224 have been distributed to these and other local programs that help those less fortunate.
• The Board will be meeting later this month to allocate another $38,000 from 2017 profits. Tune in over the next few months to learn about how these organizations benefit from funds made possible by Earthglow.

Obviously, you can see from this huge list of people, it does take a village! But the very most important part of that village is YOU! Without our faithful shoppers, there would be no Earthglow. Come into the shop regularly and make it your place of choice for cards and gift items. Contact Lisa Fansher,, or Jan Green,, if you would like to begin serving as one of the above-mentioned volunteers. And shop, shop, shop! In other words, step out and become one of the Village People!