Just a Quiet Tuesday

It started out quietly. I walked to the Courtyard and began to set up what our group was going to assemble. Then Don Cole came by and sat down saying that he was waiting for a pizza delivery. We continued to work. Then about 20 men with red noses, some in work overalls, some in hard hats came trouping into the courtyard. They looked very cold! The pizza came, Julia Maisch brought tea and lemonade and the guys dug in. Turns out they are the Buck and a Bible “Boys” who were Building Bethlehem! (Can you tell I like alliteration)? Matthew also came in wearing his Georgia red shirt…a fan to the end. He, too, had been swinging a hammer in the mid-20 temps. He invited the OGE workmen who were working adjacent to Bethlehem to put up the Christmas tree lights. They were easily recognized as professionals because they had on their hard hats and Carhartt overalls, but they were just as cold!

The men began to eat and then a group of women joined in. They are the Tuesday mahjong group who play in 13.2 coffee shop. Our group who was assembling valentine candy to take to Kenya in February also shared in the Hideaway Pizza. There was plenty to go around and there was also a great feeling of community

Are we a place of worship? Of course, but we are servants all week long. And joyful ones at that! Why don’t you come up during the week and see what fun you can find?

Ann Knutson