Kenya Mission

Donation List for 2019

A team of thirteen Church of the Servant members have signed up to go to Kenya in February, 2019!  That means this team can take along with them 13 suitcases, each containing 50 pounds of donated goods to help the Maua Methodist Hospital.  A donation box has been placed in the mission area of the Concourse next to Earthglow Gift Shop so that you can help in providing the items currently needed and specifically requested by the hospital.  The list may be found HERE, or by going to the Missions page on our website.  A printed copy is also available at the Welcome Center.  In making your donations, remember that simple is better.  While you might be tempted, for example, to purchase a backpack with all kinds of zipper and pouches, remember that Kenyan school children will be thrilled with a very simple backpack.

Link to Donation List for 2019 is HERE

The generous contributions of our Servant family make a significant difference in the lives of our friends in Kenya.  Thanks for your help!