October Orange

No, it’s not OSU orange, but UMCOR bucket orange! During the month of October, all FISH donations will be used to purchase supplies to fill the buckets. Wait, I don’t get to buy the supplies myself?  Nope, just donate the money, and the items will be purchased for us. But it was fun buying all the goodies! It will be even more fun as we gather on Sunday afternoon, January 13 and fill them together as a congregation.

UMCOR and its network of “fast in and last out” volunteers responded to 44 disasters in 2017. These disasters included Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, as well as floods and wildfires. An interesting side note is that UMCOR is discontinuing shipment of kits outside of the US.  UMCOR will continue to work with disasters outside the US through a grant process of its International Disaster Response Unit.

UMCOR has realized that:

  • local purchase of items after a disaster helps stimulate the local economy
  • using funds locally helps increase employment
  • providing funds for local purchase helps ensure kits are culturally appropriate.

(the UMCOR info above was taken from UMCOR.org)