Preparing for Easter


Are you ready for Easter? Many of us can hardly believe we are in March already, and the thought of preparing for Easter is not even on the horizon of our planning lists. Yet, we all know Easter will be here before we know it.

The other day, our family was traveling to the church for Wednesday night ministry events and we were talking about Easter. I hoped we would have a serious conver- sation to help us prepare for the most important day of the entire year! “What will we do for lunch?” Amber asked. “A new tradition, maybe? After all, we are in a new place and this will be our first Easter in Oklahoma. Plus, my parents are planning to come in town and Church of the Servant will be hosting five services on Easter Sunday!” Then, from the back of the car, one of my “precious” children spoke up, “Are we allowed to pull pranks on our friends at church on April’s Fools’ Day? After all, Easter is on April Fools’ Day, Dad; it could be AWESOME!”

With a silent stare, I looked at Amber. Most of me was in shock. All I could do was ponder how to appropriately respond. A little bit of me was smiling because I started to think for a second, what could we do? Amber quickly looked at me, knowing what was running through my head, and simply said, as only a wonderful wife can, “Matthew, do not forget you are the Senior Pastor.” With that simple reminder, I found myself returning to the reality of preparing for Easter, which gave me a greater point to ponder.

For some, the first Easter was a prank. Many thought Jesus’ body had been stolen, but later they were able to see a resurrected Jesus. Thomas, the doubting disciple, would not believe until his demands were met, but nothing could fully prepare him for an encounter with the resurrected Jesus.

With less than one month before Easter Sunday, I challenge you to begin preparing for a special day at Church of the Servant. Things are going to be busy and exciting that day. Service times will be:

Celebration Center Worship: 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 a.m. (All services will have full choir, orchestra and the same order of service.)

Modern Worship in the Centrum: 9:30 & 11:00 a.m. (A very special twist to the service is being prepared for this year’s Modern Worship Service.)

One way you can help the church is to consider attending a service you do not usually attend. The 8:00 Celebration Service and the 9:30 Modern service will be perfect ways to have a spirit of mission on Easter Sunday. By attending one of these services, you will help provide space for someone who may come for the first time, or for someone who has not been to Church of the Servant in some time. By planning now, you may help someone else discover the truth of Easter!

Preparing for the most important day in history, Matthew