Profile of Faithfulness

weber2Looking back, I realize that God has been working on me for a long time.  My road to Church of the Servant began when I met my wonderful wife.  I was not attending any church and had not attended church outside of funerals or weddings since I was a young child.  I felt organized religion was outdated.  I felt that I loved the Lord and I lead a good life so that was all I needed to do.  As my relationship with Amy  grew, we talked about going to church together and we started visiting different churches in the area.

Church of the Servant ended up being a great fit for us as it was an excellent blending of our religious backgrounds.  As always, it was Amy pushing my boundaries and building my faith which I am so blessed to have.  After attending Church of the Servant for many months, we joined a Sunday school class and that was the beginning of becoming more involved in the life of this church.  We started participating in community outreach projects, such as: Rebuilding Together, Servant Day, and various others.  Meanwhile, God was building our faith and strength in Him.  During this time, we had ups and downs, but eventually had our daughter Rachel.  Since she was born, she has always received the love and care of the amazing people in our Children’s Ministries.

As I said, God had been working on us, but definitely me for a long time building a strong foundation of love and trust which was put to the test.  In 2010, we had been married for 4 years and our daughter was then 2 years old when I was diagnosed with brain cancer.  At that time our world had become a blur and our lives were in a chaotic state.  We could have folded up shop and just waited for what we thought was the inevitable, but God had been laying His foundation leading up to that point.  This church and many other people came rushing into our chaos.  Because of the constant stream of support, we knew we had not been abandoned by God and that our faith would see us through.  I don’t know how we would have made it through that time in our lives without all the people in Church of the Servant and the faith it had instilled in me (us).  There are countless stories of support, from phone calls, meetings, meals, and yes, even Christmas lights put on our house so Christmas was semi-normal while I was out of state going through treatment.

Amy and I have “adopted” the mantra, “to whom much is given, much is expected.”  I was given my life and my family back.  Not only that, but my eyes have been opened to a life or peace that I didn’t know before all of this.  This peace and gratitude is something that cannot be taught, it must be lived out.  Not in the sense of repaying a debt, but instead with a grateful heart we became more involved.  It started with teaching Sunday school in the Children’s Ministries and then branching out to tutoring a young boy named Alan in reading through Whiz Kids.  Our lives are terribly busy, but there is an unexplainable joy given and received when you get involved in other people’s lives.  God is in those moments and He works through us.  We have been the recipients and now we hope to pass it along.

– Troy Weber

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I feel at home here and it’s a big part of my life.  I grew up in a very small church, so it being such a large church was not familiar, but I enjoy it.  I like still being able to take part in small groups like our Sunday school class and Bible studies and to develop relationships.

We have made a lot of friends at Church of the Servant and it has been our daughter’s church for her entire life.  She was baptized here as a six month old and just recently received her third grade Bible here.  After living near the church when we first attended, we moved to Yukon for several years.  Even though we liked living there, we moved back to Northwest OKC and one main reason was to be closer to our church.

We have been teaching Sunday school for close to five years now.  The first

class was four year olds, then first graders and now third graders.  It’s important to us to be a part of the children’s area where our daughter is involved.  We also take part in other missions through the church like Stop Hunger Now and the recent apartment complex cookout.  We think it’s important for her to know the importance of showing God’s love to others through our actions.

Several years ago, shortly after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Troy went out of state for surgery, radiation and chemo.  He was gone for seven weeks right around Christmas and New Years.  I was home with our then two year old daughter and I carried our health insurance through my job, so it was very important for me to work a certain number of hours to maintain our insurance.  People from our Sunday school class, ministers and members of Care Ministries were very supportive during that time.  We received meals, phone calls and lots of prayer.  Friends and strangers alike at our church played a big part in helping us through that very difficult time.

We love having the opportunity to have great friendships, to learn about and worship God, and to serve others.

– Amy Weber

{Pictured: Troy, Amy and Rachel Weber}