Sweet Servant Children

On a recent Sunday, Carolyn Hays and Ann Knutson went downstairs to share the story of our mission in Kenya. Posters of de-worming Kenyan schoolchildren and building a house were used as teaching aids. The Rise Against Hunger shack was on display in the concourse and the house that is built in Kenya is very similar, so it was an good visual for the children. Carolyn spoke of the parasites in the soil in Kenya and how the children are treated for them. The children were also asked to write a note to the Kenyan people. Apparently Carolyn’s talk made an big impact as you can see from the note above. “Sorry that you all ways get parasites”. I can see a little girl writing, “Dear Kenya, Happy Valentine’s Day. May all your wishes come true!” and finally “God Bless you. YOU ROCK!” These notes make me laugh and tear up at the same time. Such innocence and sweetness. Just maybe a seed was planted that will bloom in the future when these children find their own mission heart. Thank you to Kourtney Aller and all the teachers for sharing their time with us.