This past Sunday our family was able to take a weekend off and journey into parts of Oklahoma we had not yet experienced. Getting away for a little bit is always nice, and exploring new places is something our family loves to enjoy. One of the discoveries that happened for me on Sunday morning was the wonderful gift I received. This gift was not something that could be wrapped and then opened later. For me, this gift was truly priceless.

What was the gift, you ask? “Calm and peacefulness” are what I had received. Merriam-Webster’s Thesaurus defines the opposite of worry as that of “calm and peacefulness”. Many other antonyms are mentioned, but these two perfectly describe how I felt on Sunday morning. In the past, whenever I was away from Church for a vacation or a simple Sunday off, I would worry. Thankfully, Sunday was not one of those days for me. Yesterday, I had peace and trust in our staff and tremendous volunteers that everything would be wonderful at Church of the Servant. I do not want to start listing names, because I fear this newsletter is not nearly long enough. However, I would like to simply say “thank you” to each and every one of you who made Sunday a reality at Church of the Servant. Not only did you provide a wonderful day of “calm and peacefulness” for my family, I am certain you did the same for people who came onto the church campus.

Next time you are at the church, let someone who impacts your day in a great way know you are thankful for them! After all, we are always taught to say “thank you” after we receive a gift! I am glad to be back in the office and cannot wait to see each of you soon!

Very thankful for all that happened while away,