The Treasures You Find in Earthglow are a Blessing to Many

One of my very favorite Christmas songs is a little-known number. It was a part of the Wiley Post Blue Angel’s Christmas program each year when my children were elementary school age. Our own Kathlyn Reynolds would direct the children in a beautiful rendition of these poignant words:

Christmas is a feeling filling the air.
It’s love and joy and laughter of people everywhere.
Christmas is a feeling bringing such good cheer.
It reaches out to touch you as the holiday draws near.
It’s mistletoe and falling snow and candles burning bright.
It’s a baby in a manger on a cold winter’s night.
It’s glad Noels and chiming bells and presents by the tree.
It’s the spirit of giving in you and in me.
Yes, Christmas is a feeling filling the air.
It’s love and joy and laughter, and people everywhere.
But if Christmas is a feeling bringing such good cheer,
Then why, oh why, can’t you and I
Try to make it last all year?

I loved the message then, and I still feel the power of the message today. And, as a member of the Earthglow Shop’s Board of Directors, I have come to believe that by doing
much of my Christmas shopping in Earthglow, I can share “love and joy and laughter” with my family and friends on Christmas morning. But even more important, that love and joy and laughter actually does last all year. Every dollar of profit from your purchases in Earthglow is turned into blessings for local missions such as Neighborhood Services
Organization, Skyline Urban Ministries, Exodus House, Redemption Church, and Circle of Care. The love we share with them brightens the lives of so many in our community.

There are still many Christmas treasures available in Earthglow. Stop by and shop today!

Merry Christmas!
Vicki Gilstrap