There Are No Giants – A 2019 Stewardship Journey

On Sunday, October 28, our congregation will begin a new worship series entitled There Are No Giants. The series will focus on the journey, trials and tribulations of Moses, Joshua, and the people of Israel once they left Egypt and began to travel to the Promised Land. The foundational text for the series will be the same scripture I mentioned on Sunday, September 9, as Church of the Servant celebrated its 50th anniversary. On that special day, I referenced Joshua 4:1-8 when the Servant Cross was dedicated in honor of Rev. Dr. Norman and Mrs. Kipp Neaves. I believed then, and still believe now, that this scripture delivers an important message for all of us – to remember and share the great story of Church of the Servant! The series will culminate on Sunday, November 18 – Commitment Sunday. I hope that you will begin now to pray over what your household’s commitment will be in 2019 to support the general budget of our church.

The 2019 budget is being developed as I type, and I plan to share that budget with you during the worship series. I’am confident 2018 will end up as a tremendous year for Church of the Servant, and help to establish a new normal for future budgeting and planning.

In 2019, we hope to add a few key staff members to help expand and embolden key ministries. It is imperative that at least one new full-time staff member be added to the Worship Arts overall budget, as a Worship Leader/Director is critically needed to fully support the 9:30 and 11:00 modern services. While I am aware that this position will not impact everyone at Church of the Servant, I do believe adding the correct person will allow the modern worship services to begin to achieve a new level of engagement for many in our church family. Not only will this new position help the modern worship services become more creative, but by adding this position, John Gilstrap, Director of NextGen Ministries (Students and Children), will be able to focus more energy and attention on Servant Students and Servant Kids Ministries.

If you would like to get a jump on the scripture readings for the worship series, I suggest reading the Book of Joshua in its entirety. It would not hurt to read Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, if you have the time. Make note anytime you discover a reference to the Promised Land and the Giants living in the land.