We Have Reached the Halfway Point!

We have reached the halfway point!

Last Sunday, January 20, a special Fish Appeal was taken in each of the worship services. We raised over $22,000.00 for Rise Against Hunger. Thank you for helping us reach the halfway point to our goal!  The meal goal to be packaged this year is 151,000 meals. We hope to raise $45,000.00.  We will continue to raise funds through our special Fish Appeal this Sunday.

Consider this:

  • For $75.00 –   It will feed 10 children 26 meals.
  • For $150.00 – It will feed 20 children 26 meals.
  • For $225.00  – It will feed 30 children 26 meals.

Sunday, January 27, the registration opens for Rise Against Hunger. You will be able to register at church or online at www.churchoftheservant.com/events. There are 3 work shifts from which to choose: Shift 1 (7:30 – 9:15am), Shift 2 (9:15 – 10:45am), Shift 3 (10:45 – 12:30pm). Be sure to invite your family, friends, and co-workers to participate in Rise Against Hunger on Sunday, February 24. 

M&M’s Raises Money for Rise Against Hunger!

We all love M&M’s! Let your love for M&M’s help raise money for Rise Against Hunger.  Here’s how: As you leave worship this Sunday, a high school student will offer you a container of M&M’s to take home.  If you take a container, we ask you to do three things: 1. enjoy the M&M’s, 2. fill the container up with quarters, dollar bills or a check, 3. Bring the container filled with money back to the church next Sunday.  A full container of quarters is $14. Our goal is to raise $7000 through this M&M fundraiser.  Enjoy the M&M’s!

Thank you for your continued commitment to our mission of saving lives and ending global hunger!

Registration opens on Sunday, January 27.  For more information go to: www.ChurchoftheServant.com/events.