Randy_HeadshotAs we continue in our series of articles covering the immediate future of Church of the Servant, we want to remain focused on four strategic imperatives. The four are as follows:

• To develop a Culture of Integrity

• To develop a comprehensive NextGen Ministry (Children and Students)

• To have a clearly defined Discipleship Plan for our congregation

• To strengthen and refine our Worship Life as a Church

This week, I want to cover our hopes for supporting our worship life together, because the time that we gather as a congregation on Sunday mornings drives all that we are as a Church. Worship is literally the engine that propels all other ministries within the church. As a congregation, we are blessed to have three very distinct options as to the “style” of worship a person desires.

The Chapel community provides an intimate setting where relationships among those who attend are central to the experience. While desiring the full range of ministry opportunities afforded by Church of the Servant, many people are drawn to the smaller setting of the Chapel, where it is easy to both know those with whom you worship, and likewise, to be known. Featuring a full service of communion each week in a peaceful setting looking into our garden courtyard, the Chapel community is a place for individuals and families to worship the risen Jesus Christ and discover their place at Servant.

Our 923 Service offers a more informal and contemporary place to worship. Located in the Centrum, it features audiovisual elements unique within our worship venues, and is driven by a clear sense of community involvement as the congregation seeks to live out and live into Christ’s call to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. This most recent addition to the worship options available at Church of the Servant has become a vibrant and vital part of our worship life together.

Our services at 9:15 & 10:45 in the Celebration Center are deeply attached to the great traditions of the church worldwide. Classic hymns, as well as more contemporary offerings, a spectacular choir and orchestra, and a worship venue that is truly unique in its ability to speak to the goodness of God makes worship within this setting profoundly impactful.

Three distinct worship styles joined together through a common understanding of who God is calling us to be as his disciples in the world makes Church of the Servant a compelling place to establish deep ties to the Christian faith. Our hope is to provide an environment where people can come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, experiencing the love, grace, and forgiveness that we all desperately need. Our commitment to you is that we will prepare to the full extent of our abilities as we lead worship through the prayers and the music, through the preaching and the sacraments, so that together we celebrate all that God is, and his powerful work in and through us as his people.

– Randy