Care Ministries

When a family is faced with an illness or crisis, it is important to remember to inform Care Ministries of that special situation.  As a church family, all of us can help. If you know of a member who would benefit from our specialized care or our prayers through Care Ministries, call Care Ministries at 728-4738 or 721-4141 or submit a prayer request HERE.


A memorial service was held for Linda Wright on Friday, November 30, at 10:00 a.m. in the Celebration Center with Dr. Robyn Goggs officiating.

There was be a memorial service for Laveta Simpson on Monday, November 19, at 11:00 a.m. in the Chapel of the Cross. Rev. Randy Shrauner officiated.

A memorial service for Jane Self was held on Monday, November 19th at 2:00 p.m. in the Chapel of the Cross. Rev. Tim Travers officiated.

CONCERNS FOR WEEK OF December 3 through December 9, 2018


Bud and Alana Atkins as Alana’s son, Jack Jencks, deals with health issues.

Jay and Nancy Collins as Jay deals with health issues and recuperates from surgery.

Jina Cota as Jina deals with health issues.

Robyn and Courtney Hopkins as Courtney deals with health issues and faces surgery.

Claude and Sherry Husbands as Sherry deals with health issues and recuperates from surgery.

Dennis and Maxine Johnston as Dennis undergoes treatment; and their nephew, Ben Johnston, deals with health issues.

Billy and Linda Maxwell as Billy is hospitalized at the OK Heart Hospital; and Linda is recuperating from injuries from a fall.


Janet Curren and Family at the death of Janet’s husband, Frederick G. “Fred” Curren.

Family and Friends at the death of George Dove.

Max and Paula Hire and Family at the death of Paula’s sister-in-law, Margaret Ann Chase.

Gary and Pat Ingram and Family at the death of Gary’s brother, Kim Ingram.

Family and Friends at the death of Tom Mosley.

CONCERNS FOR WEEK OF November 26 through December 2, 2018


Doris Cline, as her granddaughter, Lexie Marick, recuperates from surgery.

Rick and Connie Fitzgerald, as Connie recuperates from surgery at Bone & Joint Hospital.

Steve and Doris Morrison, as Steve deals with health issues and anticipates surgery.

Carl and Jo Robinson, as Carl recuperates from surgery at Mercy Health Center.


Steve and Barbara Colton and Cory and Jenny Rutledge, at the death of Barbara’s father and Jenny’s grandfather, Jim Belobraydic.

Max and Paula Hire, at the death of their sister-in-law, Margaret Ann Chase.

Family and Friends of Linda Wright, at her recent death.