Dr. W. Stephen Gunter

Professor Stephen Gunter returned to ministry at Church of the Servant in September, 2017,  as “Theologian in Residence” after more than 2 decades at Emory University and Duke Divinity School – where he served as Research Professor and Associate Dean for Methodist Studies. He has lectured and preached in more than 25 world areas, while remaining active in his annual conference as an ordained Methodist clergy. His most recent book, Arminius and His ‘Declaration of Sentiments’ (Baylor University Press) was translated into Portuguese.  Check him out on Google under W. Stephen Gunter.

In his role as “Theologian in Residence”, Dr. Gunter will be presenting a number of lectures on various topics of interest to the congregation. Audio podcasts of these lectures are available at the links below.

Stephen Gunter Lectures:

Harvey!, Irma!, and a Loving God?
How Do Christians Discuss Faith and Natural Disasters?
Presented October 8 and 15, 2017
Do recent storms and other natural disasters leave you wondering about your faith in God? Are insurance companies right to call these “acts of God”? What does it mean when well-meaning Christians assert “God is in control!”? How can our Creator be a loving God and let all these bad things happen? If these and other related questions are of interest to you, then this pair of lectures may pique your interest.

Harvey!, Irma!, and a Loving God? – Part 1  Audio

Harvey!, Irma!, and a Loving God? – Part 2  Audio