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2018-2019 Warm World School Calendar

Warm World is a Christian school for three, four, five, and six year old children. The basic philosophy of Warm World has always been to meet children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs in a setting that is appropriate for the child’s age. Emphasis is placed on children learning through exploration in an environment prepared for them by knowledgeable teachers. Warm World provides opportunities for children to participate in learning activities in science, reading, writing, math, and critical and creative thinking through play, which is the way young children learn best.

In small groups with a teacher ratio of 1:6 for Caterpillars (3 year olds), 1:7 for Butterflies & Monarchs(4 year olds); 1:8 for Kites (Transitional Kindergarten – 5 year olds), and 1:10 for Kindergarten, children participate in dramatic play, games, gardening, music, art, and other learning activities. This small group setting provides each child a rich environment in which to explore and learn at their own pace while under the guidance of knowledgeable teachers. This setting also provides opportunities for children to develop social and emotional skills as they interact with one another.

We would like to give your child the opportunity to experience Warm World, A VERY SPECIAL PLACE FOR CHILDREN.

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